this morning in the garden…

I went out into the garden this morning to harvest some greens for kimchi, and this is what I saw…


A brave little cabbage that has grown to glory itself and to prove me wrong about not being able to grow cabbage to save my life.  Grace.


The kale, some planted last fall, are still producing.


The “volunteer” (or fairy-planted) rose continues to grow over the fairy arch.


There are a lot of figs on the trees!  Please ripen!  Please ripen!


More motherwort grows, and I’m grateful because I use her often to help soothe my anxiety and get through hard days.  She calms and nourishes the heart, and her bitter flavor helps the liver.

What grows in your gardens, friends?  What are you noticing or harvesting — in concrete or metaphoric ways?  Life is a garden, thank goodness.

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