what students say…

chili pepper“Today’s class on making sauerkraut, kvass and pickled vegetables at Curious Farm was awesome!  Cathy is a great teacher–patient, knowledgeable and fun–and her handouts were excellent. We sampled many foods and talked and laughed our way through slicing and dicing as we learned the health benefits of fermentation and even some gardening tips! I can’t believe I learned so much in 3 hours! After making my first batch of sauerkraut in class, I felt plenty empowered to come home and make another batch of pickled vegetables, and a beautiful batch of kvass. Cathy’s taken DIY fermenting to new heights of creativity and fun. Can’t wait for the next class at Curious Farm!”

chili pepper“Your classes are the best. Such a fun way to spend a morning and we get an incredible end-product as well. Your enthusiasm and love of fermentation radiate when you teach and when you talk about the pickles.”

chili pepper“The class was great fun.  J, S, and I talked about that as we drove home.  Think they’re ready for the Sauerkraut Class!  As we sat after our jars were filled and I was looking at the colorful jars on the table – I kept thinking of kaleidoscopes – and what beautiful color combinations our veggie pickles would make.  Martha Stewart has nothing to compare!   We could probably sell them as art!!  Certainly artisan.  And walking into my kitchen this am was greeted with the beautiful jars.  Think greens beans will be next – I have lots of fresh dill and beans and don’t want to waste them.  Fresh dilly beans – – yummm.”

chili pepper“Thanks for the wonderful class.  I love looking at my beautiful, colorful jars on the kitchen counter every day :-)”