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at Curious Farm in Cedar Mill/NW Portland

(no classes scheduled at this time)

Cost:  $75, includes equipment and ingredients (organic, when possible)

photos from a sauearkraut class at curious farm

CLASS DESCRIPTION:  Healthful as well as delicious, real sauerkraut gets its sourness from beneficial probiotics that develop and transform the cabbage during fermentation. The hardest part of making sauerkraut is having patience while it ferments because it takes a month or more to ferment!

During this class, we’ll talk about vegetable fermentation in general, and each student will prepare two special half-gallon, airlock fermentation jars with different batches of sauerkraut so that they can ferment safely in your kitchen until they are ready. You will choose from among a variety of ingredients and spices to create sauerkrauts that your family will love.

As you’ll discover, the ingredients we choose and the way that we cut the vegetables make a profound impact on the finished sauerkraut.  That is why each student will prepare two different batches in class. You will understand so much more about how flavors and textures work in fermented foods by creating two recipes.

TO REGISTER:  email Cathy ( or phone Curious Farm (971.248.0717), and she’ll send a mailing address for pre-payment. Please understand that, in order to keep class costs as low as possible, registration fees are refundable only up until 7 days prior to the class. Considerable time and expense goes into procuring equipment and ingredients for your class experience, and that time and expense can’t be recouped.

Maximum number of students in each class is 10.  Minimum number of students for most classes is 5.  Curious Farm classes fill up quickly.  However, if not enough students register for a particular session, that session will be cancelled and every effort will be made to find an agreeable slot in another upcoming class.  Likewise, if sessions fill up quickly, more class dates will be added to the calendar.  Private classes and team-building workshops may be arranged, too.  Please inquire.


One thought on “sauerkraut class info

  1. cathy warhank

    Hi, Cathy! I am looking forward to being a part of the June 29th class. I was out of town for the 4/20 class and am so happy that my second (third, really!) came so soon.
    Please remind me what the mailing address is and I will send my check asap.

    I’ll also be looking for you at the Beaverton Farmer’s Market. 😀

    Cathy W


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