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Classes for Spring, Summer, and Fall 2016 have not been scheduled yet.  Please sign up for Curious Farm’s email list to be notified of upcoming classes.

working with the vegetablesCurious Farm classes are small, lively, and empowering.  After our time together, you’ll leave with the equipment and confidence necessary to continue making pickles and other vegetable ferments at home.  There will be time for tasting, for playing with a wide variety of vegetables,  and for answering questions about food safety and the vegetable fermentation process.

Every batch of sauerkraut or pickles is different — because of the season and because of the water/sugar content in the vegetables themselves.  In her classes, Cathy shares hard-won tips for coaxing the very best flavors and textures from vegetables during fermentation.  She also will help you develop your own recipes by showing you how to think about plant families and how vegetables, herbs, and spices grow through the seasons.

kimchirawCurious Farm sauerkrauts, kimchi, and pickles were sold at the Beaverton Farmers Market, New Seasons Market, and Food Front Co-op.  Now Cathy Smith focuses her energies on teaching you to celebrate the seasons with the ancient art of vegetable fermentation.