roof on the coop

friends helped put roof on coop

Last weekend, our friends S and JL came over to help us put the roof on the chicken coop.  We couldn’t have done it without them. 

S used the power tools and seemed very calm about it all. 

JL was able to provide David with sound engineering advice and seemed very calm about how it all was unfolding. 

I was a nervous wreck and actually said stupid things like, “But we’re girls!  We can’t do that!”  (Really…  I think there’s a good chunk of my brain that should be removed or something.)

Here is roofed coop.  We are grateful for the help and companionship.  I especially appreciate S and JL’s calmness.  I also appreciate my husband’s calmness and his ability to climb ladders and hoist awkward sheets of plywood in ergonomically-unfriendly ways.

roof on the coop 


One thought on “roof on the coop

  1. jl

    did you really say that that day? i don’t recall hearing it but i think it’s hilarious.

    “But we’re girls! We can’t do that!” (Really… I think there’s a good chunk of my brain that should be removed or something.)

    I’ve done that before and I just stop and say to myself what am i thinking. of course we can or of course it’s right or of course “whatever”.

    these words are just a small part of what is so endearing about you to me. you are so real. i have little tears in my eyes right now thinking how lucky i am to have your friendship in my life and how easy it is for me to just be me with you.

    thank you for being the complete you that you are…… much love

    and by the way, i have read this several times and only now am commenting. i miss you.


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