two planting beds

Here are the first two double-dug beds — each 4′ x 12′, with fluffy, ammended soil at least 30″ deep.  I hope the vegetables will feel like they’re at a spa or something.

At this point, when weather cooperates, it takes me two days to dig out these beds and ammend the soil properly.  The broadfork works beautifully, but its role is at the end of the process.  Before then, I’m using a shovel and pitchfork to work the dirt.

I have seven or eight more beds of this size to do so I’m thinking I won’t be done until the middle or end of March because I’m sure we’ll have a lot more rain.

I’m pretty sore.  I had to do a lot of stretching today so that my back didn’t spazz out.  Once I get going, however, my muscles relax quite a bit.  The real pain happens at night when I’m trying to sleep. 

Today was glorious out there — sun, blue sky, good breeze.  The weather report says that there might not be significant rain until Monday so I know I’ll get at least one more of these things done before then.  Have to keep working because some of these seeds need to get in the ground!

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