building the coop

chicken coop framing

David has been busy working on the chicken coop.  After studying many coop designs, we decided  that we wanted to combine a coop with a shed so that we could store feed and access the eggs from inside the shed.  (It rains a lot in Portland…)  The building’s taller side is in the foreground, and its roofline will follow the pitch of our house’s roofline because the coop is just across a service driveway from the house. 

david working on the coop's framing

This picture is taken from the north side of the coop/shed.  David is very comfortable on ladders.  (I am not.)  The coop will be on the left side of the building (from this perspective) and the large run will extend out to the left/east.

We’ll have a doorway from the run into the main garden so that the chickens can be out there for supervised visits.  They’ll get to range daily out in the back.


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