a double-dug bed at work…

Here is garden bed #2, hard at work.  The first photo is looking east…

bed #2 05/10

And looking west…

bed #2 05/10 looking west

This is what I meant when I said that the garden is producing enough to sustain us if we’re happy to eat greens and more greens.  We’re thinning this patch regularly for dinner, making room for more growth.  There aren’t weeds because there isn’t room for them.  This bed is a nice mix of lettuces and brassicas.  In a month, it will be mostly cleared out, and we’ll plant something else here.  We hope some beds — like this one — will produce at least three rounds of planting.

Yesterday I planted some pole beans in a few places — along a couple of fences and against some homemade structures.  This one I’m calling a “bean bridge,” and I really don’t know how it created itself or how well it will support the beans.  It just grew organically a couple of days ago.

bean support

My hope for the “bean bridge” is that it will let me grow some pole beans in the middle of that bed and a row or two of bush beans on either side of that vertical support (there’s room…  the angle is off in the photo).  Or maybe I’ll plant something else on either side.  It’s the middle of May, and we’re still deciding where to plant some things.  This new system of beds gives us a lot of flexibility.

I’ve been working hard to clear out the garage because we’ll put a refrigerator out there soon so that there’s room for eggs, pickles, and tender greens that need to be put away carefully.  I need a place close to a big sink for prepping greens.  I’ve *really* been working hard on the garage — scrubbing, cleaning, painting. I can’t re-do the space the way I wish we could, but there’s a big difference out there already.  Thankfully, David has been extremely flexible and cooperative and even hung up some sheet rock at 6:30 this morning in his pajamas.  He is a good guy.

2 thoughts on “a double-dug bed at work…

  1. Randy

    Found your blog via Steve’s newsgroup where I am a chronic lurker. Enjoyed reading the ups and downs of your garden. There are lots of garden blogs out there but not many, surprisingly, that I want to read regularly but I will return to yours.

    http://aubreypub.typepad.com/weblog/ I’m in my third season of gardening. This blog is a way for me to keep in touch with my nephew’s urban homestead in Portland and vice versa.

    Some days I think gardening is getting harder rather than easier. Always something new to deal with.


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