KIMCHI : the world’s most perfect condiment!

napa cabbageAt Curious Farm, we believe there is no better way to preserve a moment in the garden than by making a batch of kimchi. Freshly harvested organic vegetables, gregarious ginger and other sassy spices all come together into nature’s most versatile condiment.

We use a traditional Korean, vinegar-free fermentation process that dates back thousands of years to fuse and invigorate the season’s bounty at its most vital.  Each jar dances with robust flavor and no batch is ever the same. Kimchi lives and ages like wine. No wonder poets have been writing odes to kimchi for 800 years.

carrotsTitanic with tang, prideful with pungency, significant with sour – kimchi will brighten up just about everything.  Enjoy it for breakfast with eggs.  Add its crunch and burst to sandwiches.  Bring its umami-depth to soups and stews.  Spice up cocktails with kimchi’s delicious brine.

daikon radishCurious Farm Harvest Kimchi is made with organic ingredients:  sweet napa cabbage, crunchy carrots and daikon, and spring onions.  It has a ginger-forward heat that lingers in just the right way.  Piquancy from chilies delights and doesn’t overpower the palate.  Curious Farm Harvest Kimchi is a traditional Baek (or “white”) kimchi with a crunchy texture and a clean, fresh taste.

curious farm harvest kimchiLike all of Curious Farm’s products, our Harvest Kimchi is vegan.  We don’t use fish sauce or shrimp in our recipes.  However, like most traditionally-made kimchi, Curious Farm Kimchi is rich in vitamin A, thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), vitamin C, calcium, and healthy probiotics.  Not only does this fermenting method preserve nutrients, it actually increases the vitamins in the vegetables.  In 2008, Health magazine called kimchi one of the top five healthiest foods in the world.





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