in the garden, almost spring…


Do you have this growing in your yard, too?  It’s called bittercress or popweed, and I love it in salads.  We’re going to eat this particular lovely and a few of her friends tomorrow night.  It tastes like watercress or arugula, and it is a wild brassica (cousin to broccoli and cabbage).  The texture — raw, in salads — is springy and fun.

Look!  The lovage is peeking up (red spears below) — just in time for Spring!

lovage in March

And Hello, Rhubarb!


This is its first full year here, and it’s growing nicely on the herbal lawn with the clover, yarrow, and dandelions.  Someday its proud red stalks will be a structural element in the front yard — and a pickling ingredient, too.

Happy almost spring!

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