hens a-layin’

chickens on a stumpMore signs of spring arrive every day!

I’m happy to let you know that the increase in light has encouraged the hens to lay eggs according to a predictable schedule again.

Here’s more information about eggs from Curious FarmSend email or give a call (971-248-0717) if you’re in the Cedar Mill neighborhood and need eggs.  (We don’t bring eggs to the Beaverton Farmers Market because there are so many other wonderful egg vendors there.)


One thought on “hens a-layin’

  1. Yasuyo Tsunemine

    Hi, Cathy- I saw your sign on Leahy, but I learned about you from Jude. I am wondering if you can put me on the wait list when you have egg. I lives across from you, TH, so I can come get them any time. Thank you so much. Yasuyo


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