back to Market on 6/2 with nettle sauerkraut!

Curious Farm booth at Beaverton Farmers Market

Hi friends —  Just a note to say that Curious Farm will be absent from the Beaverton Farmers Market this Saturday, May 26th.

The new Pickle Lab is nearing completion, and we need to put some finishing touches to our new workspace before the inspector comes next week.

nettleI’ll be back at the Beaverton Farmers Market on Saturday, June 2nd, with a big smile on my face and some of our new Curious Farm Nettle Sauerkraut — which is packed with savory, satisfying flavor and minerally goodness.  Nettles are high in potassium, calcium, chromium, copper, magnesium, and iron.  Once cooked (or fermented), they lose their sting — but not their exceptional nutrition.  Come try some!

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